Mar 31, 2011

Guide your life to Wisdom and Enlightenment

Let these 10 commandments of Recall Wirch guide your life to wisdom and enlightenment.

1. Thou shalt commit thyself to the final push because we are getting close to being done and then we can PARTY and maybe sleep for a week

2. Thou shalt make home-made sandwich signs and stand on the sidewalk for petition signing - it looks hokey but is very effective - just ask John I

3. Thou shalt not misuse the Wirch name, always saying recall before it as in "Recall Wirch"

4. Thou shalt not stand in front of any business getting signatures without permission, jail is a four letter word

5. Honor thy father and mother - it is just the right thing to do …but make sure they sign a petition… but honor them even if they don't

6. Thou shalt not murder those that don't sign the petition, even though you would really, really like to - it isn't worth it. Take a deep breath and let 'em go.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery with thy neighbor's wife but you can always ask her to sign a petition

8. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor's "I support Wirch" sign - who cares anyway?

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness, always telling people they are signing a Recall Wirch petition even though some of them think they're signing a recall Walker petition

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's signatures, even though she has 25 more than you and he's better looking

I promise that if you apply these 10 principles to your life it will never be the same. Notice I didn't say it would be a better life (that's for the REAL 10 Commandments).

We are truly in the stretch run. A little more effort and we will be over the finish line.

Let's Make History Together,


Mar 30, 2011

It's the Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch who seem to have the best ideas. coverage

Fully Story

Democrat Robert Wirch
Of the efforts to recall Democrats the two that seem to have the most momentum and creativity are the Holperin recall and the Senator Robert Wirch Recall. That can likely be credited to these two efforts being powered by Wisconsinites that live in the district. While the Utah group does have a Wirch effort ongoing it's the Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch who seem to have the best ideas. For example, Burlington and Kenosha have challenged each other to see which municipality can collect the most signatures. On March 19 the group told the Journal Times they had between 6,000 and 10,000 signatures. They only need a little more than 13,000 and their filing deadline is April 25.

Mar 29, 2011

Financial Report

Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch Finance Report Summary

As of March 27th
Total Raised             $ 10,743.52     100.00%

Area             Contributions  Percentage
District 22          $4,526.00      42.13%
Wisconsin (non D22)  $2,731.24      25.42%
Outside WI             $786.00       7.32%
PACs                 $2,700.00      25.13%
Other                $     .28       0.00%

We are very proud of the fact that over two thirds of the contributions are from with-in the state.

Mar 27, 2011

Insist on an Explanation

The following is posted because the woman insisted that we response.  Below is an email we received about our previous post with a subject of "And one of my favorites!!!! "

Following the copy of her email,
Is information, which is taken directly off the help section of Google Voice's › About voicemail transcriptions.   Ms. Stoughton, before you fire off an email in which you insisted on a response, please reread our orginal posting. Either you didn't read it, read it too fast or you don't understand the meaning of "foreign language like outrage or petulance or hatred". Your email demostrates that not only can people speak in the language of outrage. But it is also possible to read in the "language of outrage or petulance or hatred".

email in question
I came to the page ready to sign up, but was very disappointed to see the unnecessary posting of the "Google Voice mailbox quotes." As a user of that feature myself, I know as well as you do it has *nothing* to do with whether of not the speaker is foreign or English. Why did you post this? I am a mother of 11 children, many of whom are now voters, and I would happily get out and help collect signatures with my voter age kids and their spouses. But I do NOT approve of these kind of tactics, and insist on an explanation of this. It is not the kind of behavior we should exhibit, or that I will be associated with.
A woman in(name removed), Stoughton

Basics: About voicemail transcriptions
Google Voice transcribes your voicemails, and the automated transcription appears on the Google Voice website.

This is the only fully automated voicemail transcription on the market. This means, however, that it's not perfect yet. It will improve over time as our transcription engine gets smarter. The quality of the transcripts will vary depending on the caller, the background noise, and whether the caller is using a microphone. You can disable voicemail transcriptions at any time.

There are times when the transcription engine isn't confident enough to transcribe the voicemail you received. This can happen for example, if the engine detects that the voicemail is not in English or if there is background noise. In these cases Google Voice will display 'Transcript not available.'

Mar 25, 2011

And one of my favorites!!!!

This morning the Taxpayers to Recall Bob Wirch committee paid to have a petition insert placed in the Kenosha Newspaper.  The phone calls adverse to our using our first amendment right, freedom of speech has been quick and virulent. This morning, I enjoyed hearing some heated rhetoric. Below are just a few calls that came in over the voicemail in the last few hours. The Google Voice mailbox quotes, have not been edited, except for removing the phone numbers.  We are not responsible for the ability of the system to transcribe spoken word to text.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 12:13 PM
I would like to let you know what that I do not believe in the recall. Bob porch. He did what he needed to do so that we sent us and have a chance to see what was all in that they'll And this is the only way to has to do it. It's too bad, that you don't realize dad, he was trying to see to it that we could be in and form citizenry. And even the Senators on the legislatures. I did not have time to look at that they'll they just RAM just wanted to ram it through. I do not approve of this I received. Two of the is recall notices sign up sheets in my And I was so news today. I'm going to call the kung. Ocean news ask them. If It was authorized by could notion news. I have these put in there if they stay at was I'm going to cancel my conversion news. If they say it wasn't. I am going to be sure that we get the workout dead you people. Put the sale inappropriately without her authorization. Thank you.

Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 11:16 AM
Okay my messages, work. Senator Wirth waters. In my interest by staying away And I would appreciate if you would keep your drop mail. All of my newspaper. What you spend some money and put it in the mail. If you want the ball. Thank you.

Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 11:55 AM
Hello, I'm a citizen, a resident of course a county and I received this recall which petition in my cousin ocean news today, I want you to know that I called the paper and I told them that I'm gonna cancel the paper estate Ever include one of these in our paper again and in addition, if you're too lazy to go stand on the corner and try to get petitions, or if you're efforts our soul in a sexual that you have to spend call brothers my need to send out these works petitions for recall, you should just Give it up because we're not going to recall our Senator. So, Joss give it up.

And one of my favorites!!!!
Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 7:56 AM
Yeah. How you doing. I'm calling about these. Recall Wirch papers that you got in the newspaper. I just wanna tell you to go full yourself. Yeah.

Of course Google only understands English.  So when people speak in a foreign language like outrage or petulance or hatred, Google has a more difficult time translating.  If the recall campaign could be stopped with anger we would certainly be stopped. Instead the anger motivates us to work harder and never, never stoop to tactics like these.

Mar 23, 2011

Commit to filling in one more petition form

One fall in college I decided to run on the cross country team.  I wasn't very good but it was an excellent way to get in shape for my preferred sport.  All went well until the Friday practice when the coach announced that we were going to run a marathon.  My first thought was, "These guys are nuts.  26 miles?  No way!"  I didn't think I could do it.  But I did.  I ran the whole 26 miles.

We didn't ask for this recall.  Two months ago we had no idea that we would be standing in the rain, snow and sun asking our friends and neighbors to sign a petition form.  Sometimes it feels like a marathon but we know the satisfaction we will feel when we get to the finish line.  It is the right thing to do for our friends, families and community.

We are well past the half way point and now a second wind is providing the energy to finish the race.  A simple way to give ourselves that little spurt of energy is to commit to filling in one more petition form (10 signatures) over the next 5 days.  That would mean thousands of signatures - a huge impact and maybe enough to push us over the finish line. 
So print out the attached petition form.  Fill it in and mail it back or drop it off at one of the drive-thru locations.  Thank you again for your outstanding effort.

Let's keep in mind why we are doing this.  Senator Wirch abandoned his constituents.  He quit in the middle of the race.  He didn't finish.  We will finish and we will finish him in the process.

Let's make history together,


Honored to meet & work with Patriotic Americans

Full Story

A pick-up truck pulled into the location with two burly men inside, as I approached and said “How ya doin’ today guys” I could see that the driver was wearing an I.B.E.W. cap.  To my surprise the driver (Frank) asked if they could sign the petition and then said “We’re union electricians, but we don’t stand with these lazy bums that work for the government.”  His passenger (Stan) added “I’ve got a neighbor who works for the highway department, before all this stuff happened he used to brag about what a big scam they had going and how he almost never had to do any work.” 
The next vehicle to pull in provided a bit of comic relief for the afternoon.  The young woman in the car was named Kimberly, she wanted to sign the petition so I handed her the clip board and a pen.  As she filled out the petition she was rambling on about Governor Walker’s attack on the unions, the damn Republicans and how as a home health care worker (SEIU) she knew how the proposed budget cuts were going to wind up killing people.  She handed back the clipboard and I asked her if she had any idea what our recall petition was for.  “Isn’t it to kick out Walker?” she asked.  I pointed to the four large and prominently displayed “Recall Wirch” signs and said “No, this is to recall Senator Wirch.  Would you like me to cross out your signature?”  I was stunned as she said “No, he should be fired too.”  I could only laugh as she drove away.

Mar 20, 2011

Wirch says he has no regrets Full Story

Sharp divisions remain
Wirch says he has no regrets. The union bill, he says, "was the most shameful piece of legislation I have seen in the state of Wisconsin." He was elected to the Senate in 1996 and got twice as many votes as his opponent in 2008.

"People stop me in the grocery store and say, 'Thank you for fighting the good fight,' " Wirch, 67, says. "My gut instinct tells me the vast majority of people are in favor of worker rights and collective bargaining. There's a fundamental sense of fairness in this state and Republicans violated it."
Wirch takes the recall effort seriously. "I don't think there's any middle ground," he says. "People either love me or hate me."

some Iron Workers can't handle the truth

This posting is in response to voice mails and calls we receive daily. The voice mails in question are responding to a posting dated March 12th with a title of “We Love Unions".  A copy of that posting is found at the bottom of this post.

Just like Col. Nathan R. Jessep (Jack Nicholson) in a Few Good Men, some Iron Workers (who phoned in) don't want to believe that not everyone they work with, thinks just like they do. The following 3 transcripts are text versions of our voicemail system via Google Voice. One nice benefit of Google Voice is a feature that automatically translates the voice mail into English text, based on the speaking ability of the caller.  Recall Wirch is not responsible for the lack of clear understandable English grammar.  The text(s) were not edited in any way.

Voicemail from: (920) XXX-3417 at 10:28 AM
Hi, I'm calling in. Regards, to. Recall Wirch dot com has not iron workers was said, as supporting the cause. My uncle and my cousin are in the iron workers and I are very upset about this. We just got the number is going to give you a lot of phone calls. Because I workers do not support This call us. So hopefully know this case Friday. I'm on thousands of dollars of people on the social network, you probably D S, or an idea to take it down before someone contact the attorneys alright. Just trying to help you out. Thanks. Bye.

Voicemail from: (262) XXX-4124 at 10:32 AM

Hey, just calling to inform you that your website for read calling Senator work is not accurate iron workers do not support this recall if they did support this recall they would not be marching in protesting in Madison week after week after week after week update your website and get with the program.

Voicemail from: (262) XXX-8229 at 10:32 AM
Hi, I'm calling because I have been advised that you and see how your work or somebody to supporting the Recall Wirch Everett. We are for her to take legal action. In the event that you do not take it off. So if you need to actually I will try calling you tomorrow. Hey, Thank you and I want to be calling again thanks bye. 

copy of March12th post.
We Love Unions
Based on the suggestions from some Recall Wirch supporters who also belong to an union:

We will start attaching union bumper stickers to our signs, (if you drop them off) at a Drive-thru location. Just hand them to a signature collector. Or you can mail them to us at:
Recall Wirch, P.O. Box 26, Silver Lake, WI 53170

Thank you again to select memebers  of the Iron Workers of America for this fantastic idea!

Mar 19, 2011

New Burlington area Drive-Thru location

Drive-Thru our by new location
7210 County Road P (McHenry Street) Bohners Lake
at the intersection of Hwy P and Fish Hatchery Rd

View Larger Map

Mar 16, 2011

Discover District 22


Have you been wondering what you are going to do this weekend? What plans you might make? Where you might go? What you might do?

Let me invite each of you to beautiful Senate District 22 in southeast Wisconsin this weekend.

In District 22 we have beautiful lakes and rolling hills. Picturesque towns and bustling cities. We have great restaurants and a dynamic lakefront. Everything you might possibly want for a most memorable weekend. We offer guided bus tours that offer glimpses of well known district hangouts such as the home of that famous scofflaw - Robert Wirch. What could be better than to enjoy a weekend you won't forget in spectacular District 22.

While you are with us we can offer a variety of activities you might enjoy. For instance, many tourists have taken advantage of our door to door program where they are able to meet actual residents of the district and ask them to sign a recall Wirch petition. The response you will receive from our friendly Wisconsinites might surprise you. When asked to sign our petition almost 70% say yes!! That could be an experience you might remember for years.

Many of our guests enjoy our drive-thru program. In our drive-thru program clients travel to one of the busy intersections in the district and have the opportunity to interact with district natives who just drive up to chat and sign a recall petition. Many enjoy this activity because they can be in one place and wait for the interesting, diverse human wildlife to come to them. Be sure to bring your camera because you will be sure to get a picture you will treasure for years.

All you have to do to have one of the greatest weekends of your life is to show up at the abandoned gas station on 75th St. and 57th Ave. in Kenosha. When you come between 8:30 and 11 AM on Saturday our guides will be there to make sure you have all you need for your perfect weekend. Whether you choose the door to door option or the drive-thru option the Recall Wirch staff will do everything in our power to enhance the experience.
They will also be equipped to serve your every need.
RSVP is preferred but don't let that stop you. If you can come this weekend we have the place for you.

There are a few other things to keep in mind. The union wildlife sometimes try to hinder our friends' weekend enjoyment. We have found that the best thing to do is simply ignore them.
Reservations are going fast so don't delay. We look forward to seeing you this weekend and making sure your stay in District 22 is unforgettable.
Let's make history together,

Mar 15, 2011

Don't rule out the team that's fighting on principle

Full Story

The imbalance of power might be alarming to national conservatives, but it doesn't seem to worry the troops on the ground trying to recall Democratic senators.

"I think it's a huge advantage for us because we are really, really grass roots," says Dan Hunt, an out-of-business real estate developer in the Kenosha area who heads Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch. While the other side has more money, Hunt says, "We haven't had a problem raising funds. We're fully funded as of now. We're getting national support; it's just national individual support."

Beyond organization, there is a difference in the two recall efforts. The conservative drive to recall Democratic senators began in outrage over the Democrats' flight from the state. How could lawmakers who took an oath of office do that? The liberal drive to recall Republicans began as an effort to pressure those senators to vote against Walker's budget bill. Now that the bill has passed, it's an effort to make examples of the senators who supported it.

For Hunt, it's about principle.

"I'm doing it because my senator didn't represent me in Madison," Hunt says. "He left, and I think that is the worst thing that can happen in a legislative democracy. People who choose to leave their post on purpose, just to avoid a vote on a bill -- that's an egregious act that requires citizen reaction."

Both sides have several more weeks to gather signatures. After that, there is a period for legal challenges of the petitions and then another period before the actual recall election, which could come in mid-to-late summer. Will the intensity of union activists last until then? And just as important, will the intensity of ordinary citizens, the people who are volunteering for Hunt's group and others like it, stay alive as well?

Unions are very good at things like gathering signatures and chartering buses to take people to the polls. But don't rule out the team that's fighting on principle.

Byron York, The Examiner's chief political correspondent, can be contacted at His column appears on Tuesday and Friday, and his stories and blogposts appear on

But We Know Better


You are simply amazing! The stories we hear about what you are doing to gather signatures astound me. Many of you are going door to door asking people to sign. Many of you have volunteered to do a wide array of things to advance our cause. What we are doing is right. No elected representative should ever leave his post and run away to avoid a vote on a piece of legislation. that leaves thousands of Senate District 22 citizens unrepresented. Senator Wirch claimed he was representing us but we know better. He was only representing a very narrow, selfish, special interest group who want to line their pockets at taxpayer expense. Because of this we must fire Senator Wirch.
Because so many of you are out working hard and collecting signatures going door to door etc. we have decided to change how we collect the petitions. Instead of bringing them to Perkins tonight or Luisa's on Thursday please drop them off at a drive-thru location or mail them to us.

This way we can stay working hard to accomplish our goal.
Thank you again for your commitment to our cause.
Let's make history,

Mar 14, 2011

The Power of Balloons

The Rally Search Wirch balloons must have worked !
Thanks Scott

Thank You to all the New Media out there.

The following are links found on the first 15 pages of Google's search engine when searching for "RecallWirch". These as well as other coverage are available on the Video, Pics, Podcast & News Coverage Tab with-in

Please check the page often to see if your Blog, YouTube or Letter was found by me. If your blog isn't listed and you would like it listed. Please send a link to

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Mar 13, 2011

Let's Make History

We have an awesome volunteer list backed up by awesome volunteers. Hundreds of you are giving your time and resources to fire Senator Wirch. However, we have a glitch in our volunteer information. We didn't ask for enough information from you. That was my decision. I was wrong. This has kept all of us from being as efficient as we could be. We are doing a great job but if we had more information about each of you we could do even better. So please go to , click on the VOLUNTEER FORM link, and enter your information there. It will only take a minute to do but will be invaluable to Recall Wirch. Thanks.

Let's Make History,

Mar 12, 2011

We Love Unions

Based on the suggestions from some Recall Wirch supporters who also belong to an union:

We will start attaching union bumper stickers to our signs, (if you drop them off) at a Drive-thru location. Just hand them to a signature collector. Or you can mail them to us at:
Recall Wirch, P.O. Box 26, Silver Lake, WI 53170

Thank you again to the Iron Workers of America for this fantastic idea!

Key Lime Cove must be really nice Bob !


Wow!  Only if you live under a rock, and if you do I'm sorry, could you not be aware of the events that have taken place in Madison in the last 24 hours.  However, in spite of the vote in the Senate, in spite of the vote in the Assembly, our Senator Wirch has decided to ignore his responsibility and continue to hide in Illinois.  Senate District 22 wasn't represented when the vote took place last night.  When the roll call was taken our representative wasn't there to vote.

Because of this irresponsible action Senator Wirch deserves to be fired by his employers.  Our job, as the employers, is to make sure this is what happens.  What can you do today to help?  Distribute literature, go door-to-door or stand at a drive-thru - do something today to fire Senator Wirch.  He no longer deserves to be our state senator


Mar 7, 2011

Where We Stand


Many of you want to know where we stand. How many people have signed our petitions? What are the numbers? I can tell you the numbers are outstanding. You have done the job. All of your work is paying off. In the first quarter of the game we already have a big lead.
Just like the offense doesn't let the defense know what it is going to do we are going to keep Senator Wirch guessing. How close are they to the recall? When will the election take place? What do we have to do to keep RecallWirch from winning? Well, we could tell them they don't have a chance but why not keep them guessing, trying to figure out what the offense is going to do next?
This doesn't mean that we can rest. We can't sit on the lead. We have to remain aggressive and continue to drive for touchdowns. Be involved. Go to your neighbors, friends and family. Stand in a library lobby. Get permission to stand in front of a busy business. Help at one of the drive-thrus. Be creative. Whatever you do will move all of us one yard closer to the end zone and the firing of Senator Wirch.
If you have completed petition forms bring them to one of our drive- through locations. Just check the website for the location nearest you.
Let's make history,

Sign up to staff a Drive-Thru signature location

Click the link below to see a spreadsheet of where we need help in staffing the Drive Thru Petition locations. If you see a red or yellow cell on a location/date/time in which you are available to help.

Please contact us at or call 262-298-9422
green cells are already staffed. The grey cells means the location isn't open at that time.

Mar 6, 2011

Drive-Thru Success Report!

Mar 4, 2011

New Kenosha Drive Thru Location

Across the street from 7025 88th Avenue (Hwy. H), 1/3 mile north of 75th Street.

Time to "Sign & Drive"

Mar 3, 2011

Lit Drop Volunteers Needed

Recall Wirch is in need of approx. 30 volunteers for the lid drop on Saturday.

We need help distributing Recall Wirch literature. People can volunteer as a two person team or can come to be paired up with another person. Each team will be given 1,500 pieces of Recall Wirch literature to be placed into newspaper boxes that are usually attached to a mail box out at the street in an assigned area. One person would drive while the passenger would stuff the literature into the box.

Volunteers will meet at 9am on Saturday, March 5th to pick up the literature and their area map.

Contact for more information.

The Most Creative Winner(s) of week one.

Mar 2, 2011

Two Rallies on Saturday March 5th

Hey Fellow Wirch Recallers,

We didn't have enough fun at our rally last Saturday so we decided that one rally this Saturday was not enough.  So, to double our excitement, we are having 2 rallies this Saturday:

Burlington Rally
9:30 AM    (Volunteers please show up at 8:30 AM)
Veteran's Terrace
589 Milwaukee Ave, Burlington, WI 53105

Kenosha Rally
2:00 PM     (Volunteers please show up at 1:00 PM)
Parkway Chateau (Brat Stop)
Grand Hall  Entrance C on the NW corner

Why 2 rallies?  Because of you!  You are still signing up volunteers and getting signatures on the petitions. What a problem to have.  To have so many people we have to have 2 rallies.  You can come to either or both of the rallies.  But you better watch out.  If you come to both rallies it may be too hard on your heart.

Now to some RecallWirch News:

Petitions - Bring your filled out petitions to one of the rallies on Saturday.  If you cannot attend a rally on Saturday and don't want to mail them in that's fine.  Call us at (262) 298-9422 and we will come pick them up.  From what we have seen we have accumulated thousands of signatures!!

Drive-thru  Petitioning - Yesterday at 60th and Green Bay Road we collected over 300 signatures!  We will continue to be at this location through Friday from 7:30 until sunset.  Meanwhile, other locations are being scouted for this creative and innovative way to collect signatures.  If you have a possible location where cars can pull off the street safely to sign our petition let us know.

Volunteer Opportunity - This weekend we want to distribute 25,000 pieces of literature.  Yes, that's right, 25,000 pieces of literature in strategic locations in District 22 from Burlington to Kenosha and places in between.  To accomplish this we need 19 teams of 2 or 38 volunteers to do the distribution.  Sign up on or call (262) 298-9422.  This is an ideal opportunity for those of you wonderful supporters who live outside District 22.  We deeply appreciate your interest and availability.  More details will be coming.

Keep making history,


Mar 1, 2011

Recall effort against State Senator Robert Wirch is in full swing

Our "Drive Thru" petition signing was on Fox 6 News tonight.

Click here to watch.

It was a huge success. If you can volunteer at our "Drive Thru" please e-mail us at

We will be hosting the "Drive Thru" at the NW corner of 60th Street and Green Bay Road again and are also looking for another location in Kensoha and one in Burlington.

Total Recall in Wisconsin

Recall Wirch leader Dan Hunt went "On the Record" with Greta van Susteren last night.

Click here to watch.