Mar 25, 2011

And one of my favorites!!!!

This morning the Taxpayers to Recall Bob Wirch committee paid to have a petition insert placed in the Kenosha Newspaper.  The phone calls adverse to our using our first amendment right, freedom of speech has been quick and virulent. This morning, I enjoyed hearing some heated rhetoric. Below are just a few calls that came in over the voicemail in the last few hours. The Google Voice mailbox quotes, have not been edited, except for removing the phone numbers.  We are not responsible for the ability of the system to transcribe spoken word to text.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 12:13 PM
I would like to let you know what that I do not believe in the recall. Bob porch. He did what he needed to do so that we sent us and have a chance to see what was all in that they'll And this is the only way to has to do it. It's too bad, that you don't realize dad, he was trying to see to it that we could be in and form citizenry. And even the Senators on the legislatures. I did not have time to look at that they'll they just RAM just wanted to ram it through. I do not approve of this I received. Two of the is recall notices sign up sheets in my And I was so news today. I'm going to call the kung. Ocean news ask them. If It was authorized by could notion news. I have these put in there if they stay at was I'm going to cancel my conversion news. If they say it wasn't. I am going to be sure that we get the workout dead you people. Put the sale inappropriately without her authorization. Thank you.

Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 11:16 AM
Okay my messages, work. Senator Wirth waters. In my interest by staying away And I would appreciate if you would keep your drop mail. All of my newspaper. What you spend some money and put it in the mail. If you want the ball. Thank you.

Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 11:55 AM
Hello, I'm a citizen, a resident of course a county and I received this recall which petition in my cousin ocean news today, I want you to know that I called the paper and I told them that I'm gonna cancel the paper estate Ever include one of these in our paper again and in addition, if you're too lazy to go stand on the corner and try to get petitions, or if you're efforts our soul in a sexual that you have to spend call brothers my need to send out these works petitions for recall, you should just Give it up because we're not going to recall our Senator. So, Joss give it up.

And one of my favorites!!!!
Voicemail from: (262) xxx-xxxx at 7:56 AM
Yeah. How you doing. I'm calling about these. Recall Wirch papers that you got in the newspaper. I just wanna tell you to go full yourself. Yeah.

Of course Google only understands English.  So when people speak in a foreign language like outrage or petulance or hatred, Google has a more difficult time translating.  If the recall campaign could be stopped with anger we would certainly be stopped. Instead the anger motivates us to work harder and never, never stoop to tactics like these.