Wisconsin Public Schools Support Staff Wages and Benefits Database
Teacher benefits are only the tip of the public schools cost "iceberg."  Peer into the previously unrevealed "hidden" benefits costs of public school support staffs with this online, searchable database.  Benefits surpassing 100%, even 200%, of wages are not uncommon - even for part-time positions!


Automatic Open Record Requests Generator

Become a CITIZEN AUDITOR!  Open records is your most powerful tool for peering behind the closed doors and 'secret files' of government.  Find out what YOU want to know!  Use this new online feature to automatically create a legal open records request.


Num6ers Game

Num6ers Game (That's "numbers" with a "6" instead of "b") is the place to go for those who are interested in "just the facts ma'am"! Our researchers sift though mountains of original reports and analyses, many gained through our proprietary open records process, to bring you the hard data on how your taxes are spent! Play our "Num6ers Game" because "Government shouldn't be a gamble!" ... more >> 

Wisconsin Waste Watchers Blog

Wisconsin Waste Watchers is your statewide "water cooler" where can catch a unique slant on the latest hot topics as well as exposés on the little known and often untold stories of waste, fraud, and corruption around Wisconsin. Bookmark this page and stay informed on how your tax dollars are being wasted!
... more >> 


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