CRG Online Debate

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The Kenosha Chapter of
Citizens for Responsible Government
proudly presents the
Wisconsin State District 22 Online Debate

All candidates running for State Senator of District 22 (as of June 10th) will be presented with the same 15 questions:
3 questions will be from the Kenosha Chapter of CRG.
3 questions will be from Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch (a.k.a.
* 6 questions will be from online submissions emailed to
3 questions (1) from each candidate, as of June 10th there are three candidates (2 Republican & 1 Democrat) planning to be on the ballot for the July 19th special election.

The questions (along with the source), responses & non responses from all three candidates will all be posted at the same time; on this page as well as on

At least two questions and their responses will be posted each week, starting June 19th.  The candidates will be asked to responsed in writing (via email or video (via YouTube posting). If posted on YouTube, the video will be embedded on this page as well as

* Note - If more then six questions are submitted for the online entries, the top 6 questions will be determined by a panel of 3, consisting of a member of the Kenosha Tea Party, a member of the Kenosha County Democratic Party and a member of the Republican Party of Kenosha County. The questions submitted, but not presented to the candidates, will be posted on the site as well.

If you would like to submit a question to the candidates, please send an email  asap to