Mar 27, 2011

Insist on an Explanation

The following is posted because the woman insisted that we response.  Below is an email we received about our previous post with a subject of "And one of my favorites!!!! "

Following the copy of her email,
Is information, which is taken directly off the help section of Google Voice's › About voicemail transcriptions.   Ms. Stoughton, before you fire off an email in which you insisted on a response, please reread our orginal posting. Either you didn't read it, read it too fast or you don't understand the meaning of "foreign language like outrage or petulance or hatred". Your email demostrates that not only can people speak in the language of outrage. But it is also possible to read in the "language of outrage or petulance or hatred".

email in question
I came to the page ready to sign up, but was very disappointed to see the unnecessary posting of the "Google Voice mailbox quotes." As a user of that feature myself, I know as well as you do it has *nothing* to do with whether of not the speaker is foreign or English. Why did you post this? I am a mother of 11 children, many of whom are now voters, and I would happily get out and help collect signatures with my voter age kids and their spouses. But I do NOT approve of these kind of tactics, and insist on an explanation of this. It is not the kind of behavior we should exhibit, or that I will be associated with.
A woman in(name removed), Stoughton

Basics: About voicemail transcriptions
Google Voice transcribes your voicemails, and the automated transcription appears on the Google Voice website.

This is the only fully automated voicemail transcription on the market. This means, however, that it's not perfect yet. It will improve over time as our transcription engine gets smarter. The quality of the transcripts will vary depending on the caller, the background noise, and whether the caller is using a microphone. You can disable voicemail transcriptions at any time.

There are times when the transcription engine isn't confident enough to transcribe the voicemail you received. This can happen for example, if the engine detects that the voicemail is not in English or if there is background noise. In these cases Google Voice will display 'Transcript not available.'