Mar 12, 2011

Key Lime Cove must be really nice Bob !


Wow!  Only if you live under a rock, and if you do I'm sorry, could you not be aware of the events that have taken place in Madison in the last 24 hours.  However, in spite of the vote in the Senate, in spite of the vote in the Assembly, our Senator Wirch has decided to ignore his responsibility and continue to hide in Illinois.  Senate District 22 wasn't represented when the vote took place last night.  When the roll call was taken our representative wasn't there to vote.

Because of this irresponsible action Senator Wirch deserves to be fired by his employers.  Our job, as the employers, is to make sure this is what happens.  What can you do today to help?  Distribute literature, go door-to-door or stand at a drive-thru - do something today to fire Senator Wirch.  He no longer deserves to be our state senator