Mar 7, 2011

Where We Stand


Many of you want to know where we stand. How many people have signed our petitions? What are the numbers? I can tell you the numbers are outstanding. You have done the job. All of your work is paying off. In the first quarter of the game we already have a big lead.
Just like the offense doesn't let the defense know what it is going to do we are going to keep Senator Wirch guessing. How close are they to the recall? When will the election take place? What do we have to do to keep RecallWirch from winning? Well, we could tell them they don't have a chance but why not keep them guessing, trying to figure out what the offense is going to do next?
This doesn't mean that we can rest. We can't sit on the lead. We have to remain aggressive and continue to drive for touchdowns. Be involved. Go to your neighbors, friends and family. Stand in a library lobby. Get permission to stand in front of a busy business. Help at one of the drive-thrus. Be creative. Whatever you do will move all of us one yard closer to the end zone and the firing of Senator Wirch.
If you have completed petition forms bring them to one of our drive- through locations. Just check the website for the location nearest you.
Let's make history,