Mar 16, 2011

Discover District 22


Have you been wondering what you are going to do this weekend? What plans you might make? Where you might go? What you might do?

Let me invite each of you to beautiful Senate District 22 in southeast Wisconsin this weekend.

In District 22 we have beautiful lakes and rolling hills. Picturesque towns and bustling cities. We have great restaurants and a dynamic lakefront. Everything you might possibly want for a most memorable weekend. We offer guided bus tours that offer glimpses of well known district hangouts such as the home of that famous scofflaw - Robert Wirch. What could be better than to enjoy a weekend you won't forget in spectacular District 22.

While you are with us we can offer a variety of activities you might enjoy. For instance, many tourists have taken advantage of our door to door program where they are able to meet actual residents of the district and ask them to sign a recall Wirch petition. The response you will receive from our friendly Wisconsinites might surprise you. When asked to sign our petition almost 70% say yes!! That could be an experience you might remember for years.

Many of our guests enjoy our drive-thru program. In our drive-thru program clients travel to one of the busy intersections in the district and have the opportunity to interact with district natives who just drive up to chat and sign a recall petition. Many enjoy this activity because they can be in one place and wait for the interesting, diverse human wildlife to come to them. Be sure to bring your camera because you will be sure to get a picture you will treasure for years.

All you have to do to have one of the greatest weekends of your life is to show up at the abandoned gas station on 75th St. and 57th Ave. in Kenosha. When you come between 8:30 and 11 AM on Saturday our guides will be there to make sure you have all you need for your perfect weekend. Whether you choose the door to door option or the drive-thru option the Recall Wirch staff will do everything in our power to enhance the experience.
They will also be equipped to serve your every need.
RSVP is preferred but don't let that stop you. If you can come this weekend we have the place for you.

There are a few other things to keep in mind. The union wildlife sometimes try to hinder our friends' weekend enjoyment. We have found that the best thing to do is simply ignore them.
Reservations are going fast so don't delay. We look forward to seeing you this weekend and making sure your stay in District 22 is unforgettable.
Let's make history together,