Mar 14, 2011

Thank You to all the New Media out there.

The following are links found on the first 15 pages of Google's search engine when searching for "RecallWirch". These as well as other coverage are available on the Video, Pics, Podcast & News Coverage Tab with-in

Please check the page often to see if your Blog, YouTube or Letter was found by me. If your blog isn't listed and you would like it listed. Please send a link to

dev.kenoshanews coverage

nicedeb coverage

freerepublic coverage

wigderson coverage

texan-in-wisconsin coverage

wispolitics coverage

westoshareport coverage

freerepublic coverage

kenowi coverage coverage

moonbattracker coverage

gatewaypundit coverage coverage

realitynewsmedia coverage

topconservativeblogs coverage

wispolitics coverage

americanlibertyriders coverage

liberalwhoppers coverage

wikio coverage

aipnews coverage

loneprogressive coverage

datehookup coverage

patriotactionnetwork coverage

waterfordpost coverage

democracyforums coverage

washingtonexaminer coverage

badgerherald coverage

hillbuzz coverage

caledoniaunplugged coverage

theundergroundconservative coverage

athenesword coverage

american-conservativevalues coverage

politifi coverage

kenoshagrapevine coverage

marktimemedia coverage

networkedblogs coverage

wisconsinreporter coverage

biztimes coverage

wlip coverage coverage

voices.washingtonpost coverage

crgnetwork coverage

godcountryusa coverage

usmessageboard coverage