Mar 15, 2011

But We Know Better


You are simply amazing! The stories we hear about what you are doing to gather signatures astound me. Many of you are going door to door asking people to sign. Many of you have volunteered to do a wide array of things to advance our cause. What we are doing is right. No elected representative should ever leave his post and run away to avoid a vote on a piece of legislation. that leaves thousands of Senate District 22 citizens unrepresented. Senator Wirch claimed he was representing us but we know better. He was only representing a very narrow, selfish, special interest group who want to line their pockets at taxpayer expense. Because of this we must fire Senator Wirch.
Because so many of you are out working hard and collecting signatures going door to door etc. we have decided to change how we collect the petitions. Instead of bringing them to Perkins tonight or Luisa's on Thursday please drop them off at a drive-thru location or mail them to us.

This way we can stay working hard to accomplish our goal.
Thank you again for your commitment to our cause.
Let's make history,