Mar 31, 2011

Guide your life to Wisdom and Enlightenment

Let these 10 commandments of Recall Wirch guide your life to wisdom and enlightenment.

1. Thou shalt commit thyself to the final push because we are getting close to being done and then we can PARTY and maybe sleep for a week

2. Thou shalt make home-made sandwich signs and stand on the sidewalk for petition signing - it looks hokey but is very effective - just ask John I

3. Thou shalt not misuse the Wirch name, always saying recall before it as in "Recall Wirch"

4. Thou shalt not stand in front of any business getting signatures without permission, jail is a four letter word

5. Honor thy father and mother - it is just the right thing to do …but make sure they sign a petition… but honor them even if they don't

6. Thou shalt not murder those that don't sign the petition, even though you would really, really like to - it isn't worth it. Take a deep breath and let 'em go.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery with thy neighbor's wife but you can always ask her to sign a petition

8. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor's "I support Wirch" sign - who cares anyway?

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness, always telling people they are signing a Recall Wirch petition even though some of them think they're signing a recall Walker petition

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's signatures, even though she has 25 more than you and he's better looking

I promise that if you apply these 10 principles to your life it will never be the same. Notice I didn't say it would be a better life (that's for the REAL 10 Commandments).

We are truly in the stretch run. A little more effort and we will be over the finish line.

Let's Make History Together,