Mar 2, 2011

Two Rallies on Saturday March 5th

Hey Fellow Wirch Recallers,

We didn't have enough fun at our rally last Saturday so we decided that one rally this Saturday was not enough.  So, to double our excitement, we are having 2 rallies this Saturday:

Burlington Rally
9:30 AM    (Volunteers please show up at 8:30 AM)
Veteran's Terrace
589 Milwaukee Ave, Burlington, WI 53105

Kenosha Rally
2:00 PM     (Volunteers please show up at 1:00 PM)
Parkway Chateau (Brat Stop)
Grand Hall  Entrance C on the NW corner

Why 2 rallies?  Because of you!  You are still signing up volunteers and getting signatures on the petitions. What a problem to have.  To have so many people we have to have 2 rallies.  You can come to either or both of the rallies.  But you better watch out.  If you come to both rallies it may be too hard on your heart.

Now to some RecallWirch News:

Petitions - Bring your filled out petitions to one of the rallies on Saturday.  If you cannot attend a rally on Saturday and don't want to mail them in that's fine.  Call us at (262) 298-9422 and we will come pick them up.  From what we have seen we have accumulated thousands of signatures!!

Drive-thru  Petitioning - Yesterday at 60th and Green Bay Road we collected over 300 signatures!  We will continue to be at this location through Friday from 7:30 until sunset.  Meanwhile, other locations are being scouted for this creative and innovative way to collect signatures.  If you have a possible location where cars can pull off the street safely to sign our petition let us know.

Volunteer Opportunity - This weekend we want to distribute 25,000 pieces of literature.  Yes, that's right, 25,000 pieces of literature in strategic locations in District 22 from Burlington to Kenosha and places in between.  To accomplish this we need 19 teams of 2 or 38 volunteers to do the distribution.  Sign up on or call (262) 298-9422.  This is an ideal opportunity for those of you wonderful supporters who live outside District 22.  We deeply appreciate your interest and availability.  More details will be coming.

Keep making history,