May 15, 2011

Quite Astounding; Wirch wants valid signatures thrown out.

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Next time you hear a Wisconsin Democrat demand that every vote be counted and every vote count, don't believe it, because they don't.
Wisconsin Dems Seek To Throw Out Legitimate Votes and Recall Signatures.
As previously reported, the Recall Wirch effort obtained an estimated 18,300 signatures to recall Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Robert Wirch, far in excess of the 13,537 needed.

As further reported, the Wirch campaign has engaged in misleading "push-calling" to petition signers in an attempt to create the false appearance of fraudulent signature gathering.
The Wirch campaign has submitted its challenge to the petitions, but could specify challenges only to 4043 signatures.  Thus, even if every single challenged signature were thrown out, there still would be enough signatures for a recall election.

So the Wirch campaign wants all petitions circulated by paid circulators thrown out if a single signature were invalid in the petition, even if all the other signatures were valid.
The Recall Wirch group has submitted an extensive rebuttal of the accusations, and also extensive documentation that most of the challenged signatures were in fact valid.
Putting aside the specific challenges to specific signatures, the tactic of the Wirch campaign is quite astounding.  The Wirch campaign wants valid signatures thrown out.

This tactic is similar to the attempts by Democrats in the Prosser-Kloppenburg recount to throw out thousands of valid votes because of supposedly improperly sealed ballot bags, even though the recount totals match almost precisely the election night and canvass totals.  But of course, Kloppenburg only worries about such ballot bag security in places which votes heavily for Prosser.

In both the Wirch recall effort and the Kloppenburg recount effort, Democrats seek to have election officials (and ultimately the courts I suspect) throw out votes and signatures as to which there is absolutely no evidence of fraud, based upon speculation, conjecture, and conspiracy theories.