May 13, 2011

“Overwhelming Evidence” Against Recall Committee Amounts To Little

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In the last four weeks, mainstream media outlets reveled in allegations of fraud made by the Democratic Party against the efforts to recall Senator Wirch, From the initial baseless allegations made by Democratic Chairman Mike Tate guaranteeing fraud, to the revelation of a single fake signature out of over 18,000.

mainstream media outlets have lapped up the allegations as undeniable facts.

When Dan Hunt, Chairman of the Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch, held a Thursday press conference in Kenosha to address the allegations, no TV cameras or journalists from major news outlets (besides the Kenosha News) deemed it worthwhile to attend or report on.

Hunt systematically disputed the allegations made against the Recall Wirch committee in Senate District 22.

The Democratic Party challenged a total of 4,043 signatures out of 18,300 signatures gathered in Senate District 22.

Without disputing any of the Democrats allegations of fraud, the GAB could throw out all 4,043 signatures and the Recall Wirch committee would still have enough signatures to trigger a recall election.

But after “extensive analysis,” the Recall Wirch committee submitted what Hunt called a “strong rebuttal” of 3,251 of the 4,043 signatures challenged by the Democratic Party.

Despite Senator Miller’s claim of “overwhelming evidence,” the Democratic Party obtained 20 affidavits from signers alleging fraud on the part of circulators. This amounts to 1/10 of 1% of the total signatures gathered by the Recall Wirch committee.

Hunt concluded that “Democrats have made a lot of claims, and we are finding them to be vacuous.”

Even that appears to be generous.