Aug 4, 2011

Now it's our turn

As you know, Wisconsin became ground zero in the fight against bloated state budgets and lavish public-sector union benefits earlier this year when Governor Scott Walker bravely passed his Budget Repair bill.
Democratic lawmakers fled the state to stall the legislative process, President Obama publicly denounced Gov. Walker and liberal activists from and the public-sector unions flooded the Capitol in Madison.

Now it's our turn.
Please consider attending the "Restoring Common Sense" Tea Party rallies happening all over Wisconsin in the next few days to support limited government principles: 

Saturday, August 6th
Rally in Kenosha, WI
2:30 PM -- 4:00 PM
Location: Birchwood Grill - 7515 125th Ave, Kenosha, WI
Our rally will feature Jonathan Steitz, our candidate for State Senate.  
We cannot overemphasize the importance of this election.
So become involved.  
              Make Phone Calls.  
                        Distribute Literature.  
                                  And, most importantly, Vote.
If you can volunteer, contact the Steitz camp[aign at