Jul 21, 2011

Wirch Abandoned his Principles and his Constituents

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As a newly elected Assemblyman from Kenosha, Rep. Bob Wirch sponsored legislation to “trim the amount of taxpayer funds available” for “midwinter junkets.” Of the trips taken, Wirch said “I understand the anger out there, and to me, this is an area that can be cut back.”
Wirch went on to say, “the only traveling I do is between Madison and Kenosha.”
Senator Wirch was once considered a dependable legislator looking out for the interests of his constituents. But when given the choice of representing voters in Senate District 22 or the interests of big labor, Wirch hopped in a car with other Democratic Senators to flee Wisconsin and take his own “midwinter junket” at the behest of union leaders. “Senator Wirch abandoned his principles and abandoned his constituents,” said Media Trackers Communications Director Brian Sikma. “If Senator Wirch is willing to flee the state and leave his constituents without a voice in Madison, citizens have every right to question his ability to continue to serve in public office.”

Source for Wirch Quotes: Rep Targets State Junkets, Capital Times, 1/7/1994