Jul 24, 2011

Taking It To The Streets

Take an hour or two and find a busy corner. You'll be surprised on how many cheering fans agree with you. A tip of their cap, a hand wave, a thumbs up, a honk of the horn is how you will be welcomed by the public.  I know, I did it on Tuesday July 19th. I took a vacation day and spent a few hours on the corner of 75th and Green Bay Road. The public knows the old ways of Wirch, is the wrong way for Kenosha and Wisconsin.  Spend a hour on the Corner. It will energize you as you receive eye to eye recognition that others feel the same way you do.

Its a simple and great method to Get Out the Vote. Arm yourself with a Steitz sign and or a message to Get Out the Vote for the general recall election on August 16th.You'll quickly learn via eye to eye agreement, which of the public supports Jonathan Steitz and who doesn't.  I'm glad to include myself in the group that want a change. And if you are like me, the public which shows them self to be against you. You'll understand who they are and how rude they can be. Civil they are not, sometimes. I felt a great connection to the people that day. I plan to go back for more.