Jun 8, 2011

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

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Accountability Board is biased

The Government Accountability Board of Wisconsin has shown a marked bias choosing to move the Republican recalls ahead of the Democrat recalls even though the Democrat recalls were submitted earlier on May 21 for Sens. Hansen, Holperin and Wirch. Unbelievable blatant bias. What happened to first come, first served? The courts have granted two extensions for the certification of the three Democrat recalls. No legal reason given. Justice delayed is justice denied. The GAB has the audacity to say they needed more time because it will be challenged in court. How does Kevin Kennedy know this? That is not their job or their concern. As a result of their choice to delay only the Democrat recalls, there will be two dates statewide for the votes on these recalled senators.
The director, Kennedy, has shown himself to be inefficient, manipulative, partisan and incompetent. He should resign. This was to be an impartial government board. They clearly are not. The Legislature should defund them and go back to an elections board.

Bonnie Ketterhagen