May 31, 2011

Conatct Kevin Kennedy at 608-266-8005

We are sure that Kevin Kennedy, Executive Director of GAB (Government Accountability Board) would love to know how the petitioners of District 22 feel about this action.
Feel free (and please do) call him at 608-266-8005
and politely express your opinion.


The GAB issued a press release ( ) late yesterday afternoon stating they would not be certifying the 3 recalls of the Democratic senators this Tuesday (Holperin, Hansen and Wirch). 

They are making this decision based on "numerous factual and legal issues which need to be investigated and analyzed by agency staff prior to consideration by the Government Accountability Board members.  Because of the strong likelihood that any finding of sufficiency or insufficiency by the Board will be appealed to a circuit court, it is imperative that the issues raised by these challenges are fully examined, and that a complete record is created for a court to consider."  This is outrageous.  They took a coward's way out by releasing this news after 4 PM on a Friday before a holiday weekend - the business day before the hearings.

This action is motivated by politics.  Moreover, the GAB asked the court for an extension of the time to consider the recalls.  The court granted the extension.  In this action, extending the review time yet again, they sought no decision from the court.  As a result this arbitrary decision is illegal.  The law on recalls stipulates that the GAB has 31 days to complete the review process.  By not following our rights are violated.

We will respond to the GAB and respond forcefully.  We cannot let this happen to us without a vigorous challenge.

Thanks for everything you have done but we are still in the fight.  Let's use everything we can to battle fairly and honorably.  If we do this we will ultimately prevail.