Apr 19, 2011

Save the Date for a Victory Celebration


Save the Date

Sunday, May 1

Victory Celebration, Place and Time TBD. 

Picnic with brats, burgers and hot dogs.  Bring your kids, parents and grandparents, even that weird uncle no one speaks to (I have one too).  If you like blow out parties this is a can't miss event but if you do miss it its a can't be there event.  Either way the party will be GREAT.

A quick update on where we are in the recall effort. 

First, we are finished collecting signatures.  That is incredible!!  We have enough for the recall and enough over 13,537 to provide a good cushion.  You were unbelievable in your commitment and hard work to accomplish this!  Actually, we are putting the numbers together and we will be very close to our goal of 18,000 signatures.  If you still have petition forms continue to send them in or call us at 262-298-9422.  We will pick them up at your home.

Second, we will be turning the signatures.  We don't yet know which day but will let you know as soon as we do.  This means the Wirch replacement election will be either the latter part of July or the first part of August.  Won't that be fun!
Continuing to Make History,