Apr 26, 2011

ill-conceived, ham-handed and thuggish strategy that can only backfire

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in recent weeks, we have been dismayed to see Democrats and their union allies try to extend the fight from the polling place to, first, local businesses and more recently charitable fundraisers. Since they can't immediately get Walker into a net, they're widening it to wage political war against individuals who have made political contributions to his campaign.

It is an ill-conceived, ham-handed and thuggish strategy that can only backfire and cost the unions and Democrats support.

We have only to look to Union Grove, here in Racine County, for evidence of that. Last month, representatives of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees went around to small businesses in Union Grove and asked them to display pro-union signs in their windows. Some did, but those that didn't soon got a follow-up letter from AFSCME saying failure to put the union sign in their window would result in a boycott. Ah, the steel pipe in a velvet glove - please, or else.

When the Union Grove attempt became public, it did indeed create a backlash. and state union leaders quickly backed away from the tactic, laying it off to "some overzealousness in the field."
But no sooner had the Union Grove sign flap died down when we read that some of the union supporters and Democrats are trying to put Johnsonville bratwurst on the spit
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