Apr 7, 2011

Drive-Thru Finale & Open House

Come out Saturday April, 9                             
(Yes,Demonstrators, We are really going to be there, this time)
Share your stories of collecting signatures at the
Citgo Drive-Thru Finale Open House at 57th Ave. and 75th Street Kenosha WI
Between 10:00 to 12:00

All are welcomed
Bring your favorite support sign(s)
Most important bring your remaining signature sheets

Central Casting Call for our favorite Demonstrators to come for special awards.
  • We Heart the "Citgo DogMan" with his two pet dogs
  • The "High Priestess of Forest Park" School
  • The "Use Your Kids to Block Traffic Unionistas" of Burlington  
  • The "Black Pick-Up Man" of PP from Tuesday
  • The "Traffic Scofflaw" Woman of PP from Tuesday
  • Demonstrators Welcome, show your true colors
We'll be awarding a Blue Ribbon for the best Anti-Recall sign