Feb 23, 2011

Important Announcement Regarding the Robert Wirch Senate District 22 Recall

Kenosha, WI – The citizens of District 22 are keenly aware that Senator Robert Wirch has been off the job for seven entire days. We say…it is time for him to come back. Chairman Dan Hunt of the Recall Wirch Exploratory Committee says “if Senator Wirch doesn't like his job enough to be in Madison to do it, we will make certain that he stays home permanently”. “This disruptive and unprofessional behavior is detrimental to the recovery of Wisconsin and it needs to end now”, said Hunt. 
Who:     Robert Wirch Recall Exploratory Committee
When:   Thursday, February 24, 2011, 12 PM
Where: Holiday Inn Express, 7887 94th Ave, Pleasant Prairie, WI 
Recall Wirch is a citizens group set to recall State Senator Robert Wirch
for failure to perform his duties to Wisconsin